arcHITects offers a specialists support for the architectural acoustics applicable to any type of building, from an auditorium to residential complexes.

The involvement of an acoustical designer from the initial phases of the project enables to make, from the beginning, strategic decisions aimed at a coherent definition of the structures and layouts and as well as the optimization of technological solutions.

This integrated approach gives to the designer the guarantees of a better cost/benefit ratio, reducing considerably the chances of errors that can be solved ex-post only thanks to the addition on notable expenses.

Our consultancy includes the design, via specific’s software, of the acoustics of auditorium, theatres, business centres, etc.; the definition of technical details for the soundproofing of residential, business and tertiary complexes; the support for the installation, as well as the normative checks required at the moment by the current legislation.

Basic acoustic objectives in architecture fall into three broad areas:

  •     sound transmission between adjacent spaces (isolation between different adjacent activities, including sensitive areas of a building, etc.)
  •     the reverb control linked to the function of a space (open offices, open spaces, restaurants, churches, gymnasiums, classrooms, etc.)
  •     the quality of sound transmission in critical local (auditorium, cinemas, recording studios)

For any occupied space in a building, we can identify those objectives relative to desired levels of acoustic performance; arcHITects offers consulting and design services to optimize these elements, allowing you to improve the acoustic performance of the projects handled, increasing the value of architecture on which it acts.


Theaters and concert halls are, without doubt structures naturally associated to the concept of acoustic design. The function for which these spaces are designed cannot be said to be satisfied if the room acoustics is not optimized for the specific intended use.
arcHITects designs and tests each room, depending on the intended use (opera rather than conference room, etc.) and on the ability of audience (20 people for a conference or 2500 for a concert) monitoring and assisting the project:

  • defining the appropriate volume for the desired time of reverberation RT60,
  • choosing geometries and shapes optimized for the type of representation, the audience and for any other rooms required (flying tower, rehearsal rooms, ancillary spaces, etc.)
  • studying the proper insulation to reduce the disturbances at the boundary (roads, infrastructure, noisy rooms in the same building) also by measurements and checks of the acoustic climate in situ
  • verifing the correct acoustic treatment of the surfaces, to ensure compliance with the parameters related to the intelligibility of speech, clarity of music, avoiding in any way phenomena of rumble or distortion of the sound message.

arcHITects is the ideal partner for the design of these spaces, offering a complete service, helping the client in defining the acoustic requirements of the room, checking:

  • characteristics during all project phases through simulations with specific software to the definition of the acoustic parameters of reference, such as C80, D50, RASTI, LF,
  • providing a series of results verifiable during the testing phase and comparable with the reference standards recognized,
  • planning the technical details and elements of acoustic treatment in line with the formal requirements and aesthetic specification of each project as required by the designer.


The poor sound quality of work spaces, rest and recreation that often characterize some places, significantly affect the ability to experience an adequate level of privacy, concentration or relax.
Architects offers a range of consulting services that are flexible and easy to integrate, even in ongoing projects, for the analysis and solution of:

  • excessive noise and reverberation in the workplace (offices open space) or entertainment (restaurants and bars),
  • poor speech intelligibility in areas open to the public such as hall, exhibition and reception areas of hotels, government offices, banks, clubs and in general halls with a high degree of crowding,
  • noise problems of technical machines and equipment, both indoors and outdoors (UTA, air conditioners, cooling towers, etc.), providing documents and assessment for compliance with the parameters of the law,
  • problems of isolation from noise and vibration from the environment or from other indoor spaces in residential buildings, hotels, offices, shopping centers,
  • site-specific sound installations for special environments.


The recording studio, home-studio or project-studio of small and medium size are all organic and complex structures where different elements operates and interacts, closely related but often difficultly integrated.
arcHITects operate with an integrated approach, designing:

  • the layout of the structure, optimizing space and verifying at the same time the spaces and the size of the environments,
  • the acoustics of halls reducing what they really necessary about sound insulation between different rooms,
  • interior acoustics in terms of reverberation time RT60, control of resonant modes and acoustic ambience request through speakers, absorbers or other necessary elements,
  • requirements definition and characteristics of special equipment, ventilation and air conditioning systems, electrical systems, audio wiring,
  • support in the choice of speakers, mixers and outboard best suited to the specific needs and budget.

The project activities and counseling starts from customer support in the preparation of the project brief, to the detailed design and construction supervision for acoustic structures and special plants.

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