Multi-purpose exhibition space for Contemporary Art

The project stems from the need to characterize the space through the use of it.
The operator, for which the space is designed, is characterized by a collection consisting of video, artist books and works in mixed media.

The great heterogeneity among the works to be exhibited and the need to organize and promote temporary events such as exhibitions, meetings and conferences affect the design space guiding them towards a flexible open plan.
Every surface is treated to become, on occasion, set up to support space, hanging and video projections.
The goal is maximum freedom of exposure without compromising the mixture of different techniques and without tying the environment to use pre-defined but leaving to the temporary or permanent configuration the opportunity to modify the location.
The shapes are inspired by the repetitive forms of art combining them with the principles of the new parametric architecture.

arcHITects srl – Piantini/Pasini

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