New residential facade

The new facade stems from the awareness that the Local is the base from which the result has to confront and that the City should maintain their essence and communicate it through the new architectures.

Like a stone left in the sun to warm the facade is able to sleep during the day and warm with the heat light the night and hearts of visitors without disturbing the sleep and the views of tenants that will be able to enjoy the vitality of the building without being disturbed by it.
The special feature of photoluminescent pigments of the paint of the facade elements capture the rays of sun in a natural, non-hazardous, way and begin to gradually release them after dark for hours. Even in the winter nights, the building will stand out and accompanying visitors and shoppers in stores. Outstanding brightness that give you the most immediately.
The facade will be alive and changing throughout the day offering different sensations hour by hour, day by day becoming a new landmark recognized by all.

arcHITects srl – Piantini/Pasini

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