Port authorities @ Carloforte

Innovative concept of the location for the Port authorities in one of the most beautiful islands (I. San Pietro) in Sardinia (Italy) for the city of Carloforte

Concept of the Port authorities in Carloforte, Sardinia, Italy.

The Municipality of Carloforte requested and commissioned a project for the new port authority. The lot allocated for the project is in a privileged position on the seafront of the city.

The project tackled as the first theme the need to use durable and easy-to-maintain materials in a highly corrosive and intensely wind-driven sea environment throughout the year.

The control tower was designed as a passive lighthouse. Its perforated foils have two functions; they act as sun blinds for the interior rooms as well as a slightly reflective element so that it is easily recognizable and identifiable. Each side is also engraved with the cardinal point.

The fa├žade is made of mobile panels to guarantee the flexibility of the internal functions even after its realization.

One of the requirements of the Municipality was to be able to modify and adapt the internal functions after construction without compromising the unity, aesthetics and functionality of the building.

Inside there are office space, reception, temporary accommodation for officials and spaces for discussion and dialogue with the public.

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