Library House

An interior design project that required a thorough study of books and art publications in all its forms. Even before analyzing the living space, it has been necessary to think about an ad-hoc furniture to find a home for the all books, images, documents and memorabilia that make the apartment alive 365 days a year. We started by analyzing and cataloging books and paintings by typology and number until we found a repetitive pattern that allowed us to “sew” a library that could accommodate more than 200 meters between books, art books, CDs and vinyls as well as hundreds of objects , paintings and images.

In order to obtain an unique and precious bookcase we have integrated, in the work of craftsmanship done by a carpenter, an original fireplace of the Sicilian (Palermo) baroque that hides the TV and all its technological elements that otherwise would have been badly integrated into such a large amount of paper and ink artfully arranged as could be found in the library of Alexandria.

The request of the client was clear from the beginning, no other element outside the original bookcases and furnishings had to stand out. We have therefore worked in order to achieve a soft dialogue between the living areas and the botanical terrace and minimized the choice of colors, whimsical materials or flashy finishes, obtaining the desired result of leaving to the paintings and furnishings the right level of limelight.

The Arclinea kitchen and the dining room complete the living space and they open themselves onto the terrace t be used in the warmer seasons. A sliding glass wall allows to hide the kitchen and the breakfast counter aas nedeed, leaving a direct access to the kitchen from the sleeping/service quarters.

The wiring is instead entirely automated to allow maximum customization possible and to improve the efficiency of the layout in all seasons.

The lighting element always distinguishes the design choices of the architectural firm HIT arcHITects and, as with other residential projects, the choice has been to favor a LED solution integrated into the furniture and bookcases in order to obtain a soft and diffused light helped by azucene floor lamps and abat jour design lamps that are able to create customized reading angles. The same style and the same wood types are repeated in the tailor-made headboard  that contains in its small two personal bookcases full of reading material.

Design: HIT arcHITects – Piantini / Pasini
Photo A. Fongo

  • YEAR : 2018