Master Chord Studio

Design and Project Management for a new recording studio of 2200 sq feet in London

In early 2013 arcHITects has been appointed for the architectural, techincal design, and project management for the conctruction of a new recording facility in London.

Master Chord Studio is a top level 200 sqm (2.200 sqft) private recording facility in North London. The studio comprises of a perfect acoustic control room, a live room for ensemble up to 20 musicians, 4 booths with different dimensions and acoustics and a spacious lobby, plus a bunch of ancillary spaces.

Master Chord Studio is a modern recording facility thought with acoustics and ergonomy in mind.
Al rooms are carefully built with the best solutions and materials: each room has it’s own independent floating floor, walls and ceiling, built by layering different materials and thickness in order to create a solid yet live structure, which reacts to vibrations in a natural way, letting the musician “feel” his performance, not only by hear but also through the body. This technique ensure an incredible insulation between the rooms, to allow modern multitrack recording and mixing to be carried out with the lowest possible leaks room to room. And if you like the old school “all in one room recording” the booth’s doors can be left open, letting the sound spread from one room to the others, creating those amazing “ensemble” ambience. All rooms are equipped with regulated power outlet far in excess of needs, heating/cooling and filtered fresh air  systems, noiseless and low consumption LED lighting systems, timber floor and details, and carefully designed bespoke acoustic solution built using only eco-friendly and an allergic  materials.

“I have to say here how very proud we at ORAM are to see our console in this room. I’ll also say that in 50 years of studio musical electronics this is the best sounding control room ever (and I’ve been the world over!). To be precise, it doesn’t have a sound. It’s neutral and wherever you go in this room, the sound is EXACTLY the same. A beautiful design!” (John W Oram, ORAM PROFESSIONAL AUDIO LTD)

arcHITects srl – Piantini/Pasini

  • YEAR : 2013