Mokito - since 1931

The 42th edition of Host, the international show for Ho.Re.Ca, GDO, hotellerie, foodservice and retail in general, opens at FieraMilano. Here is where professional operators are in Milan to learn about new market trends on technology, product and design.

Caffè Mokito, which for over eighty years is serving the best bars and restaurants on the whole Italian territory, called us for the second year to design its stand. The space is designed to give visitors a multisensational experience and create a dynamic path that can provide sensations and gain insights by following the whole production chain from plantation until coffee is in your cup.

The booth consists of a wooden platform designed for using and reception. The space focuses on 4 wooden totems displaying the brand’s main phrases made by spray. A product of the company is shown on each of them. The four totems are positioned so that both the booth and the products are visible from all angles from which the booth can be accessed.

The raised platform is divided into two zones: the left side dedicated to coffee preparation and tasting and is decorated with a slanted mirrored wall to make the installation light and ethereal. The right side takes up the exhibition and commercial aspect with a sloping wood-paneled wall with three colored bands affixed each echoing the color of a line of pods produced by Mokito.

arcHITects – Piantini

  • LOCATION : HOST 2019
  • YEAR : 2019

HOST 2019