Cinema Electric

An emotion that begins before the viewing of the movie. An architecture that itself makes already the introduction to the fantastic world of Movies.

The project of the new Electric multiplex cinema on the 5th floor of the Campo dei Fiori shopping mall in Gavirate was designed to stir up emotions from the first instants; the goal is to create a space that transmits strong emotions when the screen is still black and to continue until the end credits.

All five cinemas have the same interior design and the same audio / video technology, each space must transmit the same emotion despite the different size and number of seats. The interior design solution is unique and has been engineered only for this cinema: a mixture of different materials: aluminium, wood and LED that makes even the smallest detail highly recognizable.

The acoustic treatment of the cinema has been designed ad hoc using new technologies and products. Brighten inclined portals break the reflection of sound and conceal the lighting bars that, thanks to an interfaced custom made software, propose scenarios and light motives that enhance the experience of the best movies.

Wide and reclining seats, covered with black fabric of high manufacturing, offer great comfort and a perfect view from every row thanks to spacious steps in all the rooms. At the ground a wooden floor that gives the rooms warmth, cleanliness and uniqueness.

The walls are composed of a wooden plinth perforated on the specific design and a covering in partitions of polyester fibre made by recycling plastic bottles, covered with Trevira fabric adorned with solid wood strips that are the home, even on the ceiling, for the iconic LED bars.

The hallway and the entrance hall are designed to gradually introduce the viewer to the cinema space: we start from the bright entrance octagon covered in black stone, white and iridescent net. Then we walk in the corridor with soft lights made with parquet floors, like the cinemas, and polished black stone on the wall, like the foyer. A connection between the external reality and the fantastic setting of the cinema rooms.

To ensure a growing emotional tension every wall of each cinema room that is close to the corridor illuminates itself with a different colour and with different brightness according to the internal projection state. A magical and exciting scene that anticipates the fantastic world that the movies create.

Multisala Electric
Concept arcHITects srl / Piantini
architecture project arcHITects srl / Piantini
Light Design arcHITects srl / Piantini
Area: 900 mq – 5 cinema rooms – Sony 4K, Dolby Digital
ph. A. Fongo

  • YEAR : 2018