arcHITects is proud to present the latest project, the new restaurant Parentesi, on Via Pisacane 40 in Milan,in the heart of the antique dealers’ district a few steps from Porta Venezia.

A major renovation gives new life to a historic restaurant in Milan. In place of what since the ‘50s was the restaurant Ai Colli Fiorentini and then Il Mangiafuoco comes the new restaurant Parentesi.

A familiar ambience, the idea of a dinner at the home of friends, this is the concept by Carlo (owner and chef) and Lia (Manager). Together with them arcHITects designed a place characterized by soft, welcoming colors and clean lines.

The unusual layout, characterized by a single window on the street and the extent along the depth of the block, have guided the design: a series of portals mark the space in a path along the different rooms of the restaurant.

The entrance is a cozy bar where you can enjoy a cocktail before or after dinner, comfortably seated in a room that talks about music – past and present-  with vinyl records on the walls and “5sqm of Soho”, the brick wall in front of the counter, rediscovered during the renovation.

From there, you enter the “library room” which transports guests into a domestic atmosphere, a living room to serving the most curious customers, which can switch between a good dish to a relaxing read.

The thickness of the load-bearing walls is hidden by tailor made mirrors, which together with the golden hanging lamps contribute to the brightness of the room and mark the path to the last room.

Unexpectedly, a covered porch opens to the courtyard, where the centennial neat vines, together with exterior lights and reflectors from a photo studio create an elegant setting reminiscent of the atmosphere of a film set where dining under the stars.

The black acoustic ceiling hides the presence of plants, helping to give an industrial touch to the place and creates a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere where you can taste the food and the chatter of friends without the hassle typical of minimal modern restaurants.

A restaurant born from a design path aimed at creating simple but authentic spaces, the result of arcHITects’ experience and knowledge and the constant dialogue with the customer.

A place to visit, a pleasant and peaceful Parentesi in the city of Milan.

ph. Andrea Fongo
arcHITects srl – Piantini/Pasini

  • YEAR : 2015