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MINA: The Creative Desk Organizer

32,00 IVA inc.

Each MINA is handcrafted and 100% Made in Italy, from a piece of solid wood with 4 holes for your pen and pencils and 4 half holes that, complete with another piece of MINA, can hold other pen and pencils.

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+ - Description

MINA supports the most common type of pencil (circle or hexagonal) and the most common type of pen (Bic type and roller balls).

The 3 magnets, left, right and bottom, allow you to combine multiple MINA together and use the remain free magnets to attach metallic office stationery like paper clips. The dimensions of MINA was carefully designed to fit in one hand and be insanely modular!

You can compose hundreds of different solutions.


Iroko is one of the most durable and solid woods for everyday objects. It is waterproof like Teak and more unique. Thanks to these special properties, it is very valuable and it is important that every small piece is not wasted. In fact, MINA is made from small pieces of wood that carpenters can no longer use for any other production. Each piece is hand-oiled to ensure the natural protection of the wood.

+ - Additional information
Weight 0,400 g
Number of pieces



3,4 x X3,8 x 1,9 cm for each piece


ONLY 60 gr for each piece

Type of wood


The numer of pen or pencing hold

4 plus 4

The magnets

each magnet has a power of 12,7 N, is REACH e RoHS compliance and real gold plated (Ni-Cu-Ni-Au).