MINA: not the ordinary penholder!⁠

From the beginning, our mantra is “only the essentials”. The organizer market did not offer us a truly minimal solution designed 100% for those who work all day with pencils, many pencils. Literally! And despite of all technological devices! So, we needed to create something with low technology philosophy that it doesn’t quickly become old and obsolete.⁠

So MINA was borned. It is handcrafted and 100% Made in Italy, from a piece of solid wood with 4 holes for your pen and pencils and 4 half holes that, complete with another piece of MINA, can hold other pen and pencils. The 3 magnets, left, right and bottom, allow you to combine multiple MINA together and use the remain free magnets to attach metallic office stationery like paper clips.⁠

You can found it on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com

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