Corner and living room at RPV Residenza Porta Volta in Milan

arcHITects: the contact architectural firm for short term rental in Milan and beyond.

Milan is a city that since 2015, the year of EXPO, is in continuous cultural and urban transformation. In the constant work of transformation of the city, the role of the architect has been confronted with a multi-faceted process: the challenge to enhance and interpret neighborhoods with a strong history and urban connotation, achieve the objectives of new modern housing units required by clients and offer a building product capable of responding to the strong needs born in the post-2020.

And it is this strong push for new housing needs that has paved the way for an increasingly large and demanding market in the short term rental sector (short term rentals of 6 months or more).

arcHITects, led by arch. Piantini, began in 2017 to design and research the perfect formula for creating a fully dedicated living space. It is a winning combination to offer a top-notch experience – as well as vastly exceeding expectations towards short-term residences – without neglecting goals of return on investment along with future maintenance and management costs.

For the interior design of this new way of living in the short term, the studio focused on the needs of the market, which is looking for apartments that stand out from each other: different but consistent, each unit is a small experience of living that the guest can choose according to his own.

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